ABBYY Hot Folder stops processing my documents

Unless you have a ABBYY Recognition Server which runs the OCR tasks as a service, you will need to keep the ABBYY Hot Folder program active to make sure it processes all documents. On a server this mostly means that you will need to keep the session active of the user who started the program.

When the program is active and the documents are still not being processed, you will need to check the log file for errors.

For example:

The following error message is displayed in the ABBYY log file.

Error: Cannot create a temporary file in C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Local\Temp\<temporary_folder>.


The program's temporary folder does not exist.

  • Open ABBYY Hot Folder.
  • Stop the task with error.
  • Modify the task.
  • Close the Task settings window with OK. It is not necessary to make any change.
  • Normally the task will start again. If not, click Start Now.
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