How to start Teamviewer from within SMARTdoc

Sometimes we ask our customers to start a Teamviewer session when they require some sort of help. Whether it is a simple question about the use of SMARTdoc or a problem which might have occurred.


Where do you find the link to start a Teamviewer session?

  • Right-click the SMARTdoc icon in the Notification Area on the taskbar (right-portion of the taskbar) and select Remote Support under the Help section.
  • Once Teamviewer is started, you will get an ID and Password.
  • Give both to us to share your screen.

If for some reason SMARTdoc doesn't start anymore and you are not able to select the Remote Support option, there is an alternative available on our website.

  • Visit and go to the Support section.
  • Click the button Remote Support to start the Teamviewer download.
  • Once downloaded start the program (nothing will be installed on your system) and you will get the ID and Password.
  • Give both to us to share your screen.


Note: Currently we are using Teamviewer version 10. We will not be able to give proper support when you already are using version 11 or higher.

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