Starting the Smartdoc Gateway

The Smartdoc Gateway is the service which we call the engine of Smartdoc. It's responsible for some of the most important tasks in Smartdoc: database connection, workflows and security.

Where to find the Smartdoc Gateway?

To find out where the Smartdoc Gateway service is running, right-click the Smartdoc icon in the task bar when the application is started. Select Properties to locate the IP-address of the Smartdoc Server (Gateway).

Start the Smartdoc Gateway service

Connect to the server running the Smartdoc Gateway. Open the Services window and search for the Smartdoc Gateway. Before starting the Smartdoc Gateway make sure the SQL Server (SMARTDOC) service is started.

Right-click the Smartdoc Gateway and select Start.


Also check if the service is put on Automatic (Delayed Start). Right-click the service and select Properties. Make sure the Startup type is set to Automatic (Delayed Start).

When to restart the Smartdoc Gateway?

When a new template (workflow, security or recognition) is added or updated to Smartdoc, the Gateway must be restarted.

When a client starts Smartdoc and gets a message Smartdoc Gateway not found, this could have one of two reasons:

  • The Smartdoc Gateway on the server is not started.
  • The client's Gateway settings are incorrect. The IP-address has to be the IP-address of the Smartdoc Server.


Before restarting the Gateway on a Smartdoc Server please make sure all Smartdoc clients are closed.


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