ABBY is software used to OCR documents.

Using the ABBYY Hot Folder service

When ABBYY is not running, documents remain in the OCR folder and are not imported to SMARTdoc.


When using the ABBYY Corporate edition, the program has to remain opened to let the Hot Folder service running. Please contact your ABBY reseller for more information about letting ABBY run as a background service.

A common mistake is that one thinks SMARTdoc stopped importing documents, but in reality it is the used OCR software which has stopped working.

How to check the ABBYY Status?

  • Connect to the system running the ABBY software en check if the program is still active.
  • If the program is opened, check if the folders set-up for OCR are running/watching for new documents.
  • When everything is setup correctly inside ABBYY, make sure ABBYY has sufficient rights to access these folders.
  • Make sure all documents for OCR are sent to the correct folders.


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