Workflows help you to collaborate on documents and to manage tasks by implementing processes on documents. This enables you to concentrate on performing work rather than managing the workflow.

Workflows can generate notifications, approvals, exports and interaction with 3rd party software.

View your workflows

Workflows which need your interaction are shown at the bottom right of SMARTdoc.

Status color meaning

  • Green: workflows require your interaction, but aren't urgent yet.
  • Yellow: workflows require your interaction today.
  • Red: there are workflows past due.

Clicking this circle results in a list shown with your workflows. Hovering a workflow shows if it is a notification or an approval.

Take action


Right-click the symbol in front of the document name. A window pops up showing you all possible actions for this document. When the action is completed, the notification will disappear.


  1. Select Update to open the Update window.
  2. A flow index is present, you are required to answer with YES or NO
  3. You're also able to add an additional comment.

If you want to Postpone an action, you can do this for

  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks

The action will disappear and return after the selected time.

Please contact our sales department if you would like more information about workflow possibilities.



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