Search results

SMARTdoc search results are shown in list view. The amount of documents found is shown below the preview image.

Tick Group By Templates to show the Template title for each document group.


Simply open documents by double-clicking on the document name or preview image. You can also drag and drop documents from SMARTdoc to any location or into other programs.

When hovering your mouse pointer on a document in SMARTdoc, it will show the default metadata and indexes linked to this document. If you want to show this information permanently, you can click the left bar with two dots to open the Information pane.

Right-click a document

  • Open: Opens a document.
  • Check Out: Check out a document before creating a new version.
  • Version List: Opens a windows with an overview of every version created for this document.
  • Restore: Save a document to a predefined or custom location.
  • Print: Print a document with your default printer.
    • When a Layer is activate, you will get the option to print with or without Layer.
    • When a Workflow is linked to the document, you can print the flow on a separate page. The document and flow page both have the same unique number printed at the bottom center.
  • Update: Update your document's information. Change template, add extra indexes, change security, change workflow, ...
    • When selecting multiple documents you get the option to Update multiple documents at once or Update separately each document.
  • Delete: Delete a document from the SMARTdoc database.
    • Delete last version: Only deletes the last version in the version list.
    • Delete all versions: Deletes all version available for this document.
  • Export: Export a .csv document with document information.
  • Mail To: Create a new email message with document as attachment.
  • Move To Archive: Moves the document outside SMARTdoc for external archiving. (This only moves the original document, fetched and added information remains in the SMARTdoc database.)

You can select multiple documents using the Shift or Ctrl key.


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