When you right-click the SMARTdoc icon in your system tray you will get a menu with several options. By default the system tray appears at the bottom of the screen on the right side.

If you don't see the SMARTdoc icon, it could be automatically hidden by Windows. Click on the white arrow to show all system tray icons.

Hide: This will hide your SMARTdoc from the desktop. SMARTdoc keeps running in the background. Select Show to show SMARTdoc again.

About SMARTdoc: This window shows extra information about SMARTdoc.

  • Version: season and year version, detailed version number
  • Activation Key: an overview of your activated keys
  • Database size: includes documents and added information
  • Number of files: the amount of documents stored in your database

Activate Serial Key: Here you can activate keys to upgrade your SMARTdoc or activate Add-ons. Administrator rights and an internet connection are required to activate your key. Start SMARTdoc with Administrator rights by right-clicking the desktop icon and selecting Run as administrator.

Templates: Manage your templates for use with SMARTdoc.

Templater: This opens the configuration tool to create new templates. (Key required.)

Fixed Indexes: Manage indexes for use with SMARTdoc.

Check for Updates (Server): Check if a new version is available for download. SMARTdoc Clients get their update through SMARTdoc Server.

Backup Database (Server): Creates a copy of your database.

Properties: Manage several properties for use with SMARTdoc.

Help: Open our pdf manual or start a remote session for support.

Exit: Exit SMARTdoc.



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