Templates let you manage your documents by recognition, creating indexes, starting workflows, .... Basically it helps you keep everything organized and eliminates manual interaction as much as possible.

Default Templates

Initially SMARTdoc has 5 basic templates based on recognition of you document's extension.

  • PDF
  • Office
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Video

Where do you find your Templates?

Right-click the SMARTdoc icon in your taskbar and select Templates. Templates are grouped by category.

You can activate or deactivate a template by using the tick box in front of the template name. Deactivating a template, does not remove the template. Documents linked to this template are still visible and will show the indexes linked to this template.

Deleting templates can only be done by an administrator. It is impossible to delete a template when documents are already linked to this template. 

When a template is added, activated, deactivated or deleted, the SMARTdoc Gateway service needs to restart to reflect these changes. It's advised to manage your templates directly on SMARTdoc Server.

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