Extended View

Instead of the compact view window, you can also view you search results in the Extended View window. Your search results are now shown full screen in column view. Click the second icon at the top right of SMARTdoc to open the Extended View window.


You can narrow you search results by templategroup or template using the left pane.

Sort by column by clicking the column header in the right pane.


Show more or less columns

Right-click one of the shown column headers to activate or deactivate one or more columns.

Group and order documents

In the right pane you can drag column headers to the top to create a hierarchical sort order. You can change the sort order by dragging these headers from the left to the right or the other way around.


In the left pane of this window you can perform a new search action. This pane has the same options as the Search Document window.

Your results are also shown in the Extended view window.


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