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Searching documents in SMARTdoc is easy and fast. You can search by document name, document type, document content, keywords, and more. Because all this information is centralized in the SMARTdoc database, you can easily find anything you are looking for. No time is wasted searching folder structures or even classic file cabinets.

Starting a quick search

  1. Click the right icon in SMARTdoc to start a search.
  2. In the Search field you can enter any keyword.


SMARTdoc will search the database (file names, location, full-text and indexes) for this keyword and will show all relevant search results.

SMARTdoc will search for the keyword as a separate item, it will not find words where part of the word is containing your search term.

Underscores in file names are ignored: searching for a filename like 'master_file_final' can be done by typing 'master file final' without any special characters.

Wildcard search: add an asterisk (*) at the end of your (partial) search term. SMARTdoc will look for words starting with your search term.

Your search results are shown by default in compact view. You can also open them in the Extended View with more refining options.


Quick search options

Enable or disable a combination of quick search options:

  • File Name: searches the file name of documents.
  • Location: searches the document's original location (folder name).
  • Full-Text: searches the document's content.
  • Indexes: searches all automatically fetched and manually added indexes.


  • Max.: Limit your search results to this fields value. SMARTdoc will show the last added documents. When left empty, SMARTdoc will show the entire database in you results. To avoid long search times, you have the option to limit these results. Your next search will be limited by the last entered value.


  • AND, OR, EXCLUDE: You can search multiple words simultaneously by adding a space between these words. This space will be automatically translated into an AND search.
    • AND: Your search result needs to contain both parameters.
    • OR: Your search result contains one or the other parameter.
    • EXCLUDE: Your search result does not contain this parameter.
    • All these functions can be combined in one line.

Advanced Search

By expanding the Advanced Search you will get even more search options to define and narrow your search result.

  • Templates: You can search by document templates and workflow templates. When selecting only a Templategroup you can quickly limit the amount of document templates searched. Workflows are not part of this Templategroup.
  • Indexes: Once a templates is selected, you can search any of the defined indexes to narrow your search result. Drop-down lists are also shown and wildcards can be used.
  • File Extensions: SMARTdoc will only show extensions already present in the database.
  • Timestamps: Search any date range for archived or updated documents. Pre-defined time frames are available for use: Today, This week, This month adn This year.
    • Archived: when a document was added to SMARTdoc.
    • Updated: when a document was updated within SMARTdoc.

Search more than one template

When selecting a Templategroup, Template or Workflow you have the possibility to select more than one template at once.


All of these search options are also available in the Extended View.


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