A watchfolder is a folder that's specified to check for new documents. These documents can be processed manually or automatically.

  • SMARTdoc Server can create unlimited watchfolders.
  • SMARTdoc Clients can create up to 10 local watchfolders.

What types of folders are regularly used by SMARTdoc?

  • OCR folder: This is a folder typically set up for OCR software (ABBY, ScanSnap, ...). This folder is not created from inside SMARTdoc, but from within the OCR software. Once the OCR software has finished processing the document it will be moved to a SMARTdoc watchfolder.
  • Split watchfolder: This folder is generated from within SMARTdoc and is used to split the documents once the OCR process has finished. (Sometimes the OCR software handles this function, but options are limited.) Splitting a document can be based on bar code, recognition or predefined text. Split documents can be renamed for additional recognition.
  • Regular watchfolder: Documents moved to this folder are imported to SMARTdoc. Different import options and actions can be defined through different templates and workflows.

Create a watchfolder

Watchfolders are created in the Properties window.

  1. Simply click the + sign and select or create a folder you want to use.
  2. Tick the required options.
  3. Click Apply to save your watchfolder or OK to save and close the Properties window.




Watchfolder options

When defining a watchfolder you have different options:

  • Leave Auto-processing and Auto-popup unchecked: You get an indication at the bottom left of SMARTdoc. Clicking this symbol opens the Add document window.
  • Include sub-directories: When you want to watch for files contained within the directory specified through the Path property, and its sub-directories.
  • Remove original file: Deletes the original file. If not selected SMARTdoc will create a new folder using the original folder name followed with 'processed' to store all processed files.
  • Auto-processing: Files are automatically added to SMARTdoc without any user interaction.
    • Copy duplicate files to: When a file already has been archived in SMARTdoc, it will be moved to this folder. If you leave this unchecked the archived file will be overwritten with the current one. All indexes and other adjustments will be lost!
  • Auto-popup: When files are added to the watchfolder, the Add document window pops up for every single file.
  • Service watchfolder (only on SMARTdoc Server): SMARTdoc does not have to be open to use this watchfolder. This watchfolder runs as a service.

Active state

Watchfolders can be toggled on and off using the the slider in front of the watchfolder visible in the Properties window.

Watchfolder use

If none of the automatic save options are selected, you will see a green button at the bottom left of SMARTdoc. When clicked, you can add documents one by one.

If you do not want to process a document or multiple documents, just click Cancel or Abort All.

When automatic save options are selected, documents are processed in the background. SMARTdoc needs to be open for locally configured watchfolders. When a watchfolder is defined as a service in SMARTdoc Server these are also processed in the background and SMARTdoc does not need to be open. Just make sure the SMARTdoc Gateway service is running.


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