Add information to documents

SMARTdoc already retrieves certain information from your document, so even without adding extra information you will be able to easily find your document when needed.

  • Full text content
  • File name and extension
  • Original file location
  • Creation and modified date
  • ...

In the Add Document window you can associate extra metadata to your documents. This way you can better organize your documents, ensuring that it shows up in all relevant views and search results.

Assume you have an invoice that can be stored under a customer, project and administration folder. In a folder structure you would need to store the document in multiple locations according to the folder used for each department. In SMARTdoc you can add all this information using indexes. So the problem of one unique document existing in multiple locations is efficiently solved.

Add indexes manually

  1. Simply click the green + sign and a new empty index field will be created.
  2. You can type extra information in this empty field.
  3. When a preview is visible, you can copy-paste information from your document to an index field.

Add indexes automatically

SMARTdoc can add indexes based on templates. These indexes are automatically created when SMARTdoc recognizes the document, based on predefined templates.

When SMARTdoc does not recognize the document, it will automatically assign the Unknown template.


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