Add documents

You can add documents to SMARTdoc using one of these three options.

The Add icon

Click on the left icon of your SMARTdoc window.

SMARTdoc will open the Add Document window. Click the Add button to select a document ready for archiving.

Drag and drop

You can add a document to SMARTdoc by dragging it on the left-side SMARTdoc icon.

SMARTdoc will open the Add Document window. On the left side of the window you see general information about the document, the chosen template, the fetched indexes and the connected security and workflow template. On the right side of the window you get a preview of the added document.

When adding (a folder with) multiple files, the Add Document window will popup for each document.

Drag and drop multiple documents and archive them at once:
Select the files you want to add, or select an entire folder. While dragging them on SMARTdoc keep the Alt-key pressed. All files now get the same template and indexes.


In the Properties window you can define a watchfolder. 

When defining a watchfolder you have different options:

  • Nothing selected: You get an indication at the bottom left of SMARTdoc. Clicking this symbol opens the Add document window.
  • Include sub-directories: When you want to watch for files contained within the directory specified through the Path property, and its sub-directories.
  • Remove original file: Deletes the original file. If not selected SMARTdoc will create a new folder using the original folder name followed with 'processed' to store all processed files.
  • Auto-processing: Files are automatically added to SMARTdoc without any user interaction.
  • Auto-popup: When files are added to the watchfolder, the Add document window pops up for every single file.
  • Service watchfolder (only on SMARTdoc server): SMARTdoc does not have to be open to use this watchfolder. This watchfolder runs as a service.

More information about watchfolders.


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