Split Template

The idea

The purpose of a split template is to split a PDF file into multiple PDF files. For example when you put a bunch of paper on the feeding tray of a scanner you get one big PDF file. Most scanners cannot split those PDF files.

Of course, the text has to be searchable which means the scanner needs a OCR solution. If that is not available, we need an extra step after the scan to make the text searchable. A program that can OCR the text.

Basic rule of split: two folders

Every split template uses two folders: the start folder for the original (unsplit) PDF and the result folder where the splitted PDF’s are saved.

The result folder usually is a watchfolder in SMARTdoc.

The first thing to do in the Split template is defining the Start Path and the End Path.


Split template based on a splittext

First possibility to split a scanned PDF is by the use of a seperation page with a specific Splittext on. The Classic method. Be sure to choose a text that is not common in normal written text, for example splithere. Normally, this page is not included in the splitted documents.

You can also choose to include the page with the Splittext on. With the option to split before or after the page with the Splittext on.

  • When using a seperate page with the Splittext on this means that someone has to put the splitpage between each expected split in the bundle of paper.
  • The second option is to use Splittext as text included on your documents, if it is unique and only used for each split.


Split template based on Recognition

When the documents are recognized SMARTdoc can split them automatically without using a special text.

This option works fine if all your documents are recognized by recognition templates. Documents that are not recognized are saved as one file or are wrongly added to another document. (A missing split.)

Use this method with care, be sure all your documents are correctly recognized before starting to use this option.


Using recognition to split needs no text or other indications.

Split on barcode

When there is a barcode on the first page of a document, SMARTdoc can use this barcode to start a new document.


The length of the barcode is used to separate the split barcode from other barcodes found in the document. When no length is specified, the longest barcode is used as separator. When multiple barcodes with the same length are on one page, the first found barcode is uses as separator.

When you create a barcode split, Include Split Page and Separation Before are always selected.


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