Security Template

The idea

Security templates are used to define who can do what with which documents.

A Security template is always linked to a Recognition template, a Security template can be used more than once, but a Recognition template can only have one Security template. In a security template you can define the rights for more than one user and/or groups.

When a user is part of a group, but is mentioned also as user, his user rights are primary.

A user and/or group needs to be created in your organizations Active Directory. This can be already existing users and/or groups.

Creating a security template


The security window is very simple.

You add a user and/or a group and define their rights. There are two kinds of rights: adding a document and finding a document.

The group we selected can add a document but cannot change the recognition or security template. In the search rights this group can do everything, with the exception of deleting documents.

Adding the security to SMARTdoc

Just drag the security template on the SMARTdoc icon to add the template.


SMARTdoc recognizes the template as a Security template.

Just adding this template to SMARTdoc has no effect. We now have to connect the Security template to a Recognition template.

Connecting a recognition to a security

To connect a recognition to a security, right-click the SMARTdoc icon in the system tray and click Templates.

You can now choose the security and/or the workflow.


Automatic use of security

When you create a Recognition template and you fetch an index, you can indicate that there is a security template with that name.

Example: you create a Security template with the name 'Jaak', one with 'Koen' and one with 'Tom'.

You fetch the name in an index; when 'Tom' is fetched the security 'Tom' will be used. The only thing to check is that the names are exactly the same.



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