Autocomplete Template

The idea

The idea of Autocomplete is that a user does not have to retype the same information over and over again.

You will introduce the values once when adding a document to SMARTdoc. The next time, when you enter an (unique) index, the other information is added automatically. The entire system is based on a unique identifier, this has to be a unique index value like a customer number or employee number. The name of a person is not a unique item, so it's not a good idea to use this as unique identifier.

Create a template

The Autocomplete is an option inside an Autofetch Index of a Recognition Template.

The Source index: your unique identifier

  • Create a new Recognition Template.
  • Click + to add a new Autofetch Index.
  • Enter a Name.
  • As the source index select the option Autocomplete.


  • If you want this field to be mandatory select Mandatory.
  • You can also select Show existing index values to get previous used values when you start typing or click on the drop-down icon.

Other indexes: depending ones

In our example: the CustomerNr. is the source index and the CustomerName is the dependent value.

First step: a name

  • Click + to add a new Autofetch Index.
  • Enter a Name.
  • Select the option Add To Autocomplete Values.



Second step: link to the Source index

You also have to link this index to the source index.
To do this type the the Source index Name in the Source index to autocomplete field.
Make sure the name of your source index is written in the same way. (case sensitive).


You can add multiple depending indexes to a source index.
You can also create multiple Autocomplete indexes in one template.

Add the template

Using the template

  • Add a file to SMARTdoc using this template.
  • Fill in the CustomerNr. field.
  • Fill in the other index fields.
  • Archive your document.

Your CustomerNr. with all other indexes is now saved in SMARTdoc.
When you add another document to SMARTdoc and use the same CustomerNr. all the other data will be filled in automatically.

Yes! Another time saver when working with SMARTdoc.


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