Smartdoc Active Directory Groups

This topic summarizes the accounts and groups that you use to help secure your Smartdoc Server.

SD Admins

The SD Admins is a group created before or during the installation of Smartdoc Server. Make sure it's written as shown here. (The name is case sensitive and it requires a space between SD and Admins and not an underscore or other character.)

Regardless of any Security Template created inside Smartdoc, users who are in the SD Admins security group have full access to every document in Smartdoc.

SD Users (optional)

When no Security Template is created in Smartdoc, every user who is a part of your organizations Active Directory has access to all your documents in Smartdoc.

To keep it simple you can create a security group called for example SD Users and add only the users who require access to Smartdoc in this group. You will also need to create a Security Template inside Smartdoc which gives the group SD Users access to all your documents.


Maybe you already have security groups created inside your Active Directory for Administration, Marketing, Warehouse, .... This way you can re-use these groups for Security Templates inside Smartdoc. So when you add a new user to your Active Directory, this user also has immediate access to the documents from only his department inside Smartdoc. Provided that you also create a Security Template for his department.

Another option is to create completely new security groups for use with Smartdoc. This way you can further fine-tune your document security next to your existing Active Directory security.


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