SMARTdoc Office Connector cannot check-in a document

Behavior on some Excel files

  • When you check-out some Excel files and work on them, you are not able to save them using the Office connector.
  • When clicking on the Archive button, you get the message that the file will be saved and closed, but that does not work.
  • How to proceed?

1. Check out the document

  • First step is to check out the document, like you always do when working on a file.

2. Put the file on the desktop

  • Drag the file outside of SMARTdoc on the Desktop.
  • Work on it.
  • Save it, don’t change the name!

3. Put the file back in SMARTdoc

  • Drag the file back on SMARTdoc.
  • It will become a new version of the same document in SMARTdoc.

Other way of working

1. Check out the document

  • Right-click the document in SMARTdoc and Check it out.

2. Work on it

  • Work on the file and save between.

3. Put it back in SMARTdoc

  • Save/Archive the file using the Office Connector.
  • The file is saved but not closed.
  • Close the file.
  • Go to C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Local\SMARTdoc\Workspace.
  • You see the saved file over there.
  • Drag this file on SMARTdoc.
  • It will become a new version.
  • You can now undo the check-out.

4. Delete the file

  • To avoid confusion it is best to delete the document in the Workspace folder after dragging it into SMARTdoc.


  • It can be a good idea to create a shortcut of the folder on your desktop.

Why this behavior?

  • When you check out a file, SMARTdoc adds a number between right brackets to the filename […]
  • When you save the file to another location, Excel replaces the right brackets to round brackets (…)
  • When you drag this file in SMARTdoc it will be a new document, not a new version of the same document; because the content is changed
  • You cannot even save the file yourself by using right brackets […]


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