ABBYY Hot Folder log file error

When using ABBY Hot Folder to OCR incoming documents and you created a Watchfolder in SMARTdoc to pickup those documents in the ABBYY Output folder, you need to make sure that the option in the ABBY Hot Folder top menu Store log file in output folder is not activated.

Otherwise ABBY will create a log txt file inside this Output folder which SMARTdoc cannot access while archiving.

SMARTdoc will show an error: The process cannot acces the file 'Hot Folder Log....txt' because it is being used by another process.

  • Cancel the archiving for this txt file.
  • Stop the logging from ABBY Hot Folder by disabling the option Store log file in output folder.
  • Delete the txt file inside the ABBYY Output Folder/SMARTdoc Watchfolder.


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