Automation XML

Which commands can be used in Automation?

  • Search
  • Open
  • Export

What are the search and open possibilities?

Following filters can be used:

  • Datafilter
    • LookInFileNames
    • LookInPath
    • LookInIndexes
    • LookInContent
    • LookInItem
  • TemplateFilter
    • TemplateName
  • FileExtensionFilter
    • Item
  • IndexFilter
    • Item
      • Position
      • Name
      • Value
  • DateFilter
    • From
    • Until

All possibilities can be combined in one automation XML.

What are the export possibilities?

  • ExportTemplateName
  • DestinationFolder
  • DestinationFileName

Some XML examples can be found at the bottom of this page.

Search_data: Search for a specific value.
Open_all_jpg: Open all the files with .jpg extension.
Export_all_default_export_template: Export all data using the default export template.
Export _all_specific_template: Export all files using the Pictures File Template.
Extended_search_multiple_filters: Extended search using data filter, template, date combination.
Open_a_document_with_the_given_ID: Open a document with its unique identifier.

Automation XML: Folders

On a client these xml’s need to be dropped in: C:\ProgramData\SMARTdoc\Automation
In an RDP environment these xml’s need to be dropped in: C:\Users\Gebruikersnaam\AppData\Local\SmartDoc\Automation

Under the Automation folder you can find a History folder: all processed xml’s are moved to this folder

If the automation does not work you can check:

  • if the xml was created.
  • windows eventviewer for more information.
  • if the xml configuration is correct.


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